4 Jan

At the end of this course you have to produce a BLOG  NEWSPAPER or MAGAZINE that is a chronicle of the lectures and seminars that will be given by me and Alan Powers throughout the term. This will mean you will have to take notes on every lecture so you can then write it up for your publication.

Each lecture, seminar or trip will have its own page or pages dedicated to it. As in a magazine or newspaper these will be your ‘ARTICLES’ and will be fully illustrated and referenced*.

You will chose one of the lectures, seminars or trips to make into a ‘FEATURE ARTICLE’ and will be an extended piece of writing of about 1,000 words and again it will be fully ILLUSTRATED and referenced*.

The finished newspaper or magazine will be handed into the Architecture and Construction Office by 4pm on Friday 7th May 2010. It will be handed in with a Header Sheet.

The design, layout and size of the Magazine in entirely up to you. It may be a small PAMPHLET A5 size or a BROADSHEET A1 style newspaper. It may be Black and White, but a colour publication will be encouraged.

You may want to use one of the STYLES discussed during the lecture series or a combination of styles, depending on what you want the publication to look like.

During each session you must take extensive notes, as a JOURNALIST would at a press conference, because this is what you will base your articles on. Each article must be at least 300 words long.

Whenever you use a piece of information in your articles you must REFERENCE them by telling the readers where you got this information from, i.e. the author of a book, website, magazine etc. You HAVE to use the HARVARD SYSTEM OF REFERENCING.

See: for last term’s BLOGs…

Below are some examples of previous students work…

GAMSWEN a page layout

GAMSWEN a Front Cover

GAMSWEN Magazine Page

Dissertation 2010


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