Learning to Design Without Losing Your Soul

2 Feb

Learning to Design Without Losing Your Soul

By Francisco Inchauste on January 27, 2011

Aspiring designers are failing. They are being let down by their schools and sometimes by our design community. In America, creativity is on a decline. The resources available online are massive; Quality content is hard to find.

“I’m eager to hire the next great class of designers, but to my dismay–and the dismay of many young hopefuls who’ve often spent many years and thousands of dollars preparing to enter the industry–I’m finding that the impressive academic credentials of most students don’t add up to the basic skills I require in a junior designer.” — Gadi Amit1

The design community has a new challenge. It’s not how we push design to the next level. It’s not how we best design publications for the 80 tablets coming out this year. It is something I see as much more critical: Guiding the next generation of designers.

More at: http://www.getfinch.com/finch/entry/learning-to-design-without-losing-your-soul/


Smashing Magazine (@smashingmag)
01/02/2011 16:40
Learning to Design Without Losing Your Soul: good conversation about design education http://bit.ly/exJnSA


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