Assessment Criteria Learning Outcomes

Assessment Criteria:

1. You have engaged with the course, demonstrating your motivation to explore ideas of personal relevance both in and out of college time and that you are able to plan your study effectively.

2. You have demonstrated an ability to communicate your ideas visually, verbally and in written form and interact with staff and students constructively.

3. You are able to refer to relevant practitioners and develop debates around your own work.

4. You can record and research information relevant to the project and have presented it in a coherent and professional manner in your learning journal and via written submissions.

5. You have begun to form imaginative strategies to develop your ideas in your work.

6. You are able to analyse and evaluate your own practice such that you have begun to achieve your intended outcome and make discriminating choices regarding the appropriateness of you direction, processes, making and writing skills.

Learning Outcomes:

  • On completing the course students will have:
  • Developed a  good working knowledge of the histories of art and design.
  • Gained knowledge of certain specialised aspects of design
  • An insight into social, political and global design issues
  • Developed initial skills in design literacy, critical analysis and argument

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